We staffed Hotels at a 374% Growth Rate in 2021

Hotelstaff.com staffed Hotels at a 374% Growth Rate in 2021

During the pandemic and the great resignation we expanded our hotel staffing business across six time zones and grew revenue 14m

I’m following our clients advice to give you a peek behind the curtain 👇🏼

How did we do it?

  • Leveraging deep networks of staff and other non traditional channels to find excellent labor.
  • Engaging client and prospect conversations to gain better insights to their needs.
  • Re-purposing quality workers from outside the hospitality industry (with relevant experience) and then retraining to meet new positions.
  • Relocating staff to challenging labor markets where local, high quality personnel were unavailable.
  • Offering flexibility to meet the wildly fluctuating labor demands of our clients.
  • Identifying what work opportunities and benefits attract the best possible staff and then catering to it (hint- its not always about money)

Consequently, growth and profit our clients experienced was record breaking, turning more rooms, serving more meals and receiving better reviews than ever before.

All of this would have not been possible without the hard work of many of our team that showed up, stepped up and selflessly served.

If you’d like to hear even more about the steps we took to deliver this growth please contact us

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