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Work Permits and Visa's

If you're currently registered outside the EU but you're interested in applying for jobs in the UK, can help arrange a work permit or visa, giving you a fantastic opportunity to advance your career within the UK hospitality industry.

Depending on your situation, there are a range of work permit and visa options available to you:

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Points-based calculator

Click to open the UK border agency points calculator This tool allows you to calculate how many points you may get, and indicates whether you may be eligible to work or study in the United Kingdom under the points-based system.

Tier 2 (Skilled Worker) Visa Points Test

Back to top To gain entry to the UK as a skilled worker under the terms of Tier 2 (General Category), you need to score a minimum of 70 points from the following:
  • You must meet the Maintenance Requirements for which you are awarded 10 points
  • You must meet the English Language Requirement for which you also get 10 points
  • The remaining 50 points are awarded for various 'Attributes' - Sponsorship, Academic Qualifications and Prospective Earnings

Tier 2 Maintenance Requirements

To gain entry into the UK under all categories of Tier 2 you must fulfil the Maintenance Requirement, which demonstrates your ability to support yourself during your first month of residency in the UK. To qualify, you must fulfil one of the following 2 conditions:

  • Personal savings equivalent to GBP800 at the time the application is made - this will need to be proved using one of the types of evidence listed below
  • Written confirmation from your sponsor that they will maintain and accommodate you in your first month in the UK
Evidence of personal savings:
You can use any one of the following forms of evidence to prove the amount of your personal savings:
  • Personal Bank or Building Society statements
  • Building Society pass book
  • A letter from your bank, building society or other financial institution which is officially regulated in either the UK or your home country
In all cases the evidence should be original, clearly relate to the applicant and should show the issuing institution's name and logo. Statements generated electronically should bear the stamp of the relevant institution on each page.

Tier 2 English Language Requirements

Alongside the maintenance requirements, it is also necessary to meet the English Language Requirement, which aims to prove your ability to succeed in your new job and to integrate into UK society.

You must be able to demonstrate familiarity with everyday English expressions and basic phrases, as well as being able to introduce yourself to others and answer basic personal questions. You can demonstrate this ability in one of three ways:
  • By being a national of a majority English-speaking country
  • By successfully completing a degree equivalent to a UK Bachelors Degree taught in English; for this, you must provide evidence that your degree is equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree or higher (as recognised by UK NARIC, the Recognition Information Centre for the UK), and that it was taught in English (this is already assumed if you are resident in a majority English-speaking country with the exception of Canada)
  • By passing an acceptable English language test; the test certificate must have been issued by an organisation approved by the UK Border Agency - for example, a score of 4.0 in the International English Language testing System (IELTS), Level B1, would be acceptable


  • You will need to be in possession of a job offer and a valid Certificate of Sponsorship from your prospective employer. will assist you in getting this job offer and certification.
  • If the job is on the Shortage Occupation List (i.e. Sous Chefs and Head Chefs) then you get 50 points. Assuming you have met the core requirements, this immediately gives you a total of 70 points; congratulations, you qualify for entry under Tier 2! Click Here to email your CV to us and get the application process started
  • If the job is not on the Shortage Occupation List then you score 30 points and need to obtain 20 more from the remaining 2 categories

Academic Qualifications

You can score up to 15 points for your qualifications - only your highest qualification will count for this section:
  • 15 points: PhD
  • 10 points: Bachelors or Masters degree
  • 5 points: GCE A level or equivalent

Prospective Earnings

You can claim up to 25 points for the (annualised) earnings specified in your Certificate of Sponsorship:
Future expected annual earnings Points available
Less than 20,000 0
20,000 to 23,999 10
24,000 to 27,999 15
28,000 to 31,999 20
32,000 or more 25
The salary bands are before tax (gross), yearly, and include any extra money (allowances) that are part of your guaranteed salary package.

Tier 4 Work/Study Visa

Back to top If you plan to come to the UK to study, as well as gain valuable paid work experience, you may be able to come to the UK on a Tier 4 Work/Study Visa. You will need to be sponsored by a University or other qualified UK educational institution, and will also need to score enough points to be accepted as an international student in the UK.

For students with a minimum of 1 years hospitality education (e.g. a relevant diploma, degree or NVQ Level 3), you may have the opportunity to study in the UK for 2 years on a Tier 4 Work/Study Visa and gain a UK diploma. You will also be able to work 32 hours per week during term time.

International students also have special immigration options available upon graduation under the new points based system. Once you graduate from an eligible UK educational institution, you can apply for a Tier 1 Visa under the Post-Study Work sub-category. This would allow you to remain in the UK for 2 years, and once the Post-Study Work period has been completed, you can move into another sub-category or tier.

Permanent Residence - Indefinite Leave to Remain

Back to top After you've lived continuously in the UK for 5 years, you are eligible to apply for settlement as a permanent resident (also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain).
Once permanent residence has been granted, there are no longer any immigration related restrictions on the work or business you may do in the UK, and no time limits on your stay in the UK.

Naturalisation (Citizenship)

Back to top Unless you have a claim to citizenship based on your ancestry, you will probably have to apply for naturalisation under one of the following 2 categories:
  • Naturalisation after six years in the UK
  • Naturalisation after three years in the UK as a spouse of an UK Citizen
If you would like to take a FREE NATURALISATION ASSESSMENT, please contact our London office on +44 (0)845 259 3232 for further details.

Worker Registration Scheme

Back to top Please note that this guide only applies to you if you are a national of one of the following countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia or Slovenia. You do not need to apply under the registration scheme if you are a Citizen of Cyprus or Malta. For further information, please call our London office on +44 (0)845 259 3232 to arrange a consultation or appointment with one of our specialist advisors.

Entering the UK
Upon arrival at a UK port-of-entry you will need to show your passport or identity card and go through the EU/EEA queue. You may travel to the UK with your immediate family (spouse, children, dependent relatives if you are not on student status, and non-EU unmarried partners if they meet immigration regulations). If any of your family is not an EU/EEA national, then they must apply for an EEA family permit at the British Embassy in their home country before travelling to the UK.

Residence Permits

You are entitled to apply for a residence permit confirming that you have full rights of free movement within the EU if you meet the following requirements:
  • You are a citizen of Malta or Cyprus working in the UK; or
  • You are a citizen of another EU new member country (as above) and you have been working in the UK legally for at least 12 months without a break. This is possible as of 1 May 2005; or
  • You are working as a self-employed person in the UK (in which case you must register with Inland Revenue as soon as you arrive in the UK); or
  • You are living in the UK as a full-time student, or as a retired or self-sufficient person

UK Visitor Visas

Back to top If you are not a British Citizen or a citizen of an EU country, you may need entry clearance before you travel to the UK. The list of countries for which a visa is needed for a visit to the UK is available here, as is the list of countries which require a visa to travel through the UK (Direct Airside Transit Visa).

Even if your country does not appear on this list, you may need a visa for other reasons, such as getting married in the UK.

You should apply for a UK visitor visa at the UK Mission in the country where you are normally and legally resident. You should plan to apply for your travel visa well in advance of your proposed travel date, as some travel visas may be processed in 24 hours, but others may take longer, especially in cases where an interview is required. The process could take up to several weeks.

Once you have a valid UK travel visa, you should be allowed entry to the UK on arrival unless your circumstances have changed, you gave false information, or you did not tell the entry clearance officer important facts when you applied for your visa. The final decision, however, rests with the immigration officer at the UK port of arrival.

Fees for Work Visa Services

Back to top If you want to apply for a UK work visa, then call our office on +44 (0)845 259 3232 to discuss your situation with one of our visa specialists. If you are eligible for a UK work visa, will take care of the whole process for you, from completing your visa application to arranging all of the relevant work or study placements. All you need to do is provide the relevant evidence, and we take care of the rest.

All fees quoted are professional fees excluding VAT, and exclude disbursements such as government fees, courier fees etc.

Tier 2 - Skilled Migration - Total cost GBP3250
  • Job Offer from Employer
  • Certificate of Sponsorship issue on behalf of the Employer:
  • Tier 2 visa application (in country or abroad)
  • Entry Clearance from abroad (if necessary)
Tier 4 (Work/Study) - Total cost GBP5750
  • 2 years course fees at central London College - Gaining Advanced Diploma qualification
  • Tier 4 visa application (in country or abroad)
  • Entry Clearance from abroad (if necessary)
  • Work up to 20 hours per week
  • Once a student graduates, they can apply for another 2-5 year visa under the Post-Study Work category.
Indefinite Leave to Remain:
Application further to 5 years in the UK under skilled/highly skilled categories
  • Postal application: GBP1500
  • Main applicant: GBP1200
Visitor Visa
  • 'Standard Visit visa' for business meetings or holiday: GBP600