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PAYE Tax Refund

What is a PAYE Tax Refund?

1 in 3 people working in the UK overpay their taxes and are due an average refund of 850. Whether you are a temporary, contract, or permanent employee, this may apply to you! As the government do not automatically issue repayments, if you are eligible to receive a refund, you will need to submit a tax claim, or forfeit the money.

We are able to help you claim back any overpaid tax money which is owed to you by the Her Majesty Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the government authority. Using our experience, we will ensure you receive the maximum refund in the shortest time possible!

We offer an efficient, hassle free service with no minimum charges. Our fee is 15% of the total refund amount received back from HMRC, with the assurity of no hidden fees.

How to use our service

We will first need calculate if you are due a tax refund as a result of an overpayment during a tax year. The UK tax year runs from the 6th April to 5th April and there is a strong possibility that you are due a refund if:
  • you have not yet submitted a tax claim
  • you have only worked part of a tax year
  • you have, or plan to leave the UK part way through a tax year
  • you have been taxed according to the wrong tax code. e.g. Emergency Tax
If one of the above applies to you, we will confirm if you are due a refund and if so, help you claim your money back in a few quick, easy steps. To start a tax claim, please click here (Embed link to Claim your Tax Refund).

What documents do you need?

You are required to provide all your original P45s and/or P60s tax documents when making a claim for a repayment of tax. Copies are not acceptable and if you have misplaced any of your tax documents, you will need to contact the respective employer and request a statement of earnings.

3 Easy steps to claiming back your tax!

Step 1 - Your original tax documents must be added to your Tax Pack, which you can download here.

Step 2 - Complete your tax pack with full employment history and sign the HMRC forms as shown. To avoid any unnecessary delays, please do not complete the HMRC forms with your details as we will do this on your behalf.

Step 3 - Add all your original P60s and/or P45s to your completed tax pack and post everything to us at the following address:
Hotel Staff, 2nd Floor, 2 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3DR

What happens next?

On receipt of your tax pack, we will be in contact to confirm your estimated tax refund amount, or advise if any further documentation is required. Thereafter, we will let you know when you can expect to receive your money!

Should you require any further assistance in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at